Arhome Private Museum of the industrial innovation

Arhome Private Museum of the industrial innovation

Arhome Private Museum of the industrial innovation
113 cours Berriat

Tel: +33476334901


The Museum of Industrial Innovation tells more than just the history of a family company which has grown into a multinational enterprise.

The A. Raymond company (Raymond-Bouton for long time Grenoble natives) has become an international group, and number one in certain bindings markets, notably in the automobile industry. The time was that of prosperity, and while many workshops on the cours Berriat were moving out to new locations, the directors chose to create a company museum. Heritage technicians, accustomed to preservation requests after a company has closed, saluted the effort to bring history to life while the company was continuing to prosper!

On the site where the company was founded 140 years ago by the first A. Raymon (Albert-Pierre) when the cours Berriat was rhythmed by factory life, the new museum offers an original scenography, which involves all the senses and focuses on the history of the family company, still under control of A. Raymond (today Antoine, who succeeded Alain). Part of the presentation is dedicated to industrial innovations that led the group to impose itself as the dominant player in its field, as well as to recent products.


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Opening hours:

From September to July,on 1st and 3rd Wednesday 10AM-12AM and 2PM-6PM

Access means:

Tramway A stop Berriat Magasin

Spoken languages: English, French

Equipments and services: Toilets, Permanent entertainments organiser

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