Vom 12 bis 13 August 2023

70th edition of the Wood Day

Event activity : Wettbewerb, Traditionelles Fest, Festival

70th edition of the oldest woodcutters contest in France in 2023. The aim is to cut the largest number of logs with an axe. Entertainment around forestry jobs and pastoralism, cattle, sheepdog, fair.

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"Passe-Partout" association organizes the most ancien wood celebration in Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin.
A woodcutters contest : preliminary sessions with trunks and final with standing trees. Entertainment all weekend : shows announced all day on the spot.

From 2pm:
- Entertainment around the forest and the wood
- Exhibition of tractors, quads...
- Crafts fair, regional products
- Pastoralism
- Chainsaw shows
- Passe-Partouts contest
- Non professional woodcutter contest

From 1.30 to 5.30 pm: municipal library stand
- Book box (free book exchange)
- Discovery of the history of the woodcutters' competition
- Meeting with authors of books about Chamrousse and Belledonne mountains: Christophe Roger, Maurice Dolmadjian and Sergueï Jirnov.

From 11am:
- Woodcutter contest (from 2pm)
- Band The pop mods
- Exhibition and rating of chamois trophies at the community hall, under the Tourist Office at Chamrousse 1650
- Entertainment around the forest and the wood
- Exhibition of tractors, quads...
- Pastoral show : cattle, shepherd dog
- Crafts fair, regional products
- Chainsaw shows
- Open air bal
- Firework (⚠ cancelled due to drought alert)

This programme may be subject to change.
Free resort shuttle reinforcement until midnight.

⚠ Change of traffic and parking in Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin (see municipal by-law in download below - caution only in French).
Move of bus stops T87, Estibus 707 and free shuttle bus (Gondola and Duhamel stops) to "Niverolles" square.




Von Samstag, den 12. bis Sonntag, den 13. August 2023.

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