Vom 7 Dezember 2022 bis 19 April 2023

Dog sledding first time

Sport activity : Sports d'hiver, Chiens de traîneau

Lovers of nature and animals? Share a wonderful moment with Barbara, Erwin and their huskies at a dog sled baptism. Learn with them the specificities of these dogs full of energy, and the art of driving a sled!

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While on holiday in Oz, discover the world of dog sledding in the beautiful forests of the resort, accompanied by a qualified musher. During the winter, enjoy a wonderful family adventure with Siberian Huskies. A 35-minute ride awaits you from the resort. Reservation required with Team Ehawee.


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Ausrüstung und Eigenschaften

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Appointment on the Snow Front or at the top of the Clos du Pré ski lift

  • Breite: 45.126835
  • Länge: 6.068466


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  • Arrêt navette à moins de 300 m
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