Botanical Garden

Cultural heritage : Parc et jardin

Magnificient garden of the natural history museum, uncommon trees, 300m² of botanical greenhouse, 700m² of winter garden for a botanical garden of 20 000m².

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It was in 1782 that the first botanical garden of Grenoble was founded. It had been re-established in 1842 in an area bought by the city, located between the streets Haxo and Chanrion. Extending over 21 597 m²n the Jardin des Plantes is made of two distinct parts, separated by a small stream. Its Western part reminds of the structured organization and the geometrical alleys of a French Garden, whereas the Eastern part reminds of the romantic garden which was typical in the XVIIIth century. It presents some majestic species of centenarian trees and beautiful rockeries. A little further, we can find the rose garden, a botanic greenhouse of 300m² sheltering wonderful exotic plants and a Winter garden of 700m².

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Zone tropicale humide donc le sol peut être glissant et l'hygrométrie élevée peut provoquer une gêne respiratoire pour les personnes âgées.


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  • Abgelehnte Tiere
  • Parking à proximité
  • Accessible en fauteuil roulant en autonomie


Tramway C stop Grenoble Hôtel de Ville
Bus line 33 stop Grenoble Hôtel de Ville

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