Am 22 Juli 2023

Ut4M - Passages in Chamrousse

Event activity : Compétition sportive

Come and see the runners of the races Ut4M at the Arselle Plateau and at the top of the resort (Croix de Chamrousse - access by gondola).

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On this occasion, 20% discount on the return gondola pass (cannot be combined with the tribe pack) - Special Ut4M offer only available at the cash desk and at the distributors in Chamrousse - Recoin.

Some parts from one mountain range to another are very demanding. The most challenging of them enables to run from the Taillefer to the Belledonne mountain range, along the now famous Arselle ascent to Chamrousse (1000m positive difference in height on 3km!).


Registration prices - 3 pricing options before January, 31st, before March, 31st and after March, 31st:
- UT4M 20 Belledonne: prices to come
- UT4M 40 Belledonne: prices to come
- Ut4M 100 Master: prices to come
- Ut4M 160 Challenge (relay): prices to come.


Samstag, den 22. Juli 2023. Datum wird noch bestätigt.

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