Charmant Som - Peak

Equipment : Sports pédestres, Itinéraire de randonnée pédestre

The Charmant Som (1867m) is one of the three peaks that tower over St Pierre de Chartreuse, but it is the most accessible, especially for familIes, and there is a stunning view from the top.

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The Charmant Som is also the most easily accessible peak (see alternative) and the last Alpine pasture in Isère that still producces and sells its cheese on site. From the lodge car park, take the 'Grande Randonnée' path (French Hiking Route) through the pasture. Before you reach the other slope, turn left onto the ridge until you reach the summit cross (follow the paths made by previous hikers).
The descent follows the same route in reverse.

Things to see / do in the vicinity of the route:
- Petits Jardiniers (10km from the starting point): medicinal plant farm.
- Fleurs de Lyne (15km from the starting point): artisanal soap factory.
- Museé de la Grande Chartreuse (16km from the starting point): audio tour.

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Information / Safety:
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Useful Phone Numbers:
- Weather (must be consulted before you set off): 3250 and
- Mountain rescue: 112


Freier Zugang.


Vom 01/05 bis 30/11.

Nur bei günstigen Wetterbedingungen.

Ausrüstung und Eigenschaften

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Parking au pied de l'alpage et de l'auberge.

  • Breite: 45.319318
  • Länge: 5.756571

Eigenschaften der Strecke

2 km
Positiver Höhenunterschied:
200 m
Tägliche Dauer:
1h 30min