Oz-Vaujany Cross-country Skiing Area - Grenoble France

Oz-Vaujany Cross-country Skiing Area

Verbundene Skistationen, Skigebiet

The Nordic skiing area Oz-Vaujany is: 2 village resorts and many kilometers of gliding dotted with snowmakers. Practice cross-country skiing in classic or skating on reserved tour.



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Please, contact SPL OZ-Vaujany to get more information.
Cross-country and pedestrian ski pass: from 7 € to 21 €.
Do you have a hands-free card (even from another station) starting with 01-1614? Reload it!
Hands-free card holder: 2,00 €.


Vom 12/12 bis 24/04.

Ausrüstung und Eigenschaften

  • Abgelehnte Tiere
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    • See oder Teich unter 5 km Entf.
    • Seesicht
    • Bergsicht

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