We have tested for you: Sassenage’s castle, a jewel in its box.

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As soon as we reach the car park, the white and shiny façade of the castle contrasts with the white cliffs and the green setting of the Vercors mountain range. We are rapidly stunned by an incredible lighting. Seeing it like this gives us the will to come closer and gaze at it.

At the heart of park, designed in an English manner

This is the beginning of a hot and sunny afternoon. While walking in the park’s alleys, we feel like this is a privilege. This is how; we get to the discovery of the Castle of Sassenage and its marvelous park surrounding it. Recently re arranged we start our tour while following an amazing alley of young lindens.

Hays have been cut off in the central meadow, big ball spread the floor, water constantly flow down in small channeled streams and majestic trees old of hundreds years punctuate the landscape. Here and there covered spaces of vegetation offer enjoyable shadowed spaces. In a nutshell, a true peaceful haven to run away from the heat of the central area (no more than 15 minutes of Grenoble, possibility to use public transportations: bus, bikes etc).

This is a whole open space at the center surrounding by easily accessible paths with pushchairs, or PRM.

Men and Women to protect and magnify this jewel

Everything starts with the aim in life of Charles de Sassenage that built this castle between 1662 and 1669. He desires to make an impact and to highlight the power of his family. His son maintains the wish of his father. Nevertheless, even if he truly wanted to, the majority of the furniture forming a wealthy heritage will be sold when he died, to pay off familial debts.

Others famous characters have made of this castle what it became nowadays: Marie-Françoise-Camille de Sassenage, notably close to Madame de Pompadour, and her descendants. More recently, Pierrette Elisa de Béranger that leaves the domain to the French foundation in order to protect the castle and pass on to the next generation the History of her family.

© Etienne Eymard Duvernay

 A city of the 18th century

This castle of the 17th century has an outside sobriety; it contrasts with a beautifully elaborated and decorated inside. 

When we entered in, our eyes are attracted by the whole set of furniture that brightens up the different rooms of the castle: colored hangings, paper walls from the end of the 18th, paneling and stucco with antic shapes, genre scene paintings, family portraits, marquetry furniture with chiseled details including those made by Hache’s cabinetmakers, each room reveals a particular atmosphere.

It ended in the kitchen, a room that shelters a wealthy collection of kitchen tools made of copper (18th).

But who is this fairy named Mélusine?

At the center of the castle’s facade, on top of the entrance gate, we can notice in the stone, a representation of the fairy “Mélusine”. We have already heard about the tale but seeing her here testifies of the unique bound between the castle and its History. You will find on the website of Sassenage’s castle the entire legend of Mélusine.

We continue this relaxing and peaceful afternoon while strolling in the old village center of Sassenage, where old charming houses embody the historical past of this place.

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Download the touristic map of Sassenage, the gates of the Vercors mountain range

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