On 20 December 2022

Planetarium entertainment

Event activity : Spectacle
family From 10 years

Planetarium entertainment at the multipurpose hall of Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin.
Organised by the Heritage and Environment House.

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A planetarium session means discovering at your own pace the names of the constellations and their positions in the sky, learning about the movements of the Earth, the Moon and the planets, travelling and dreaming under the starry sky at all latitudes.
Different themes will be covered: the movements of the Earth, the Moon and the planets; the phases of the Moon; the apparent movements of the Sun; the seasons; the solar system; the celestial vault and the constellations; the Milky Way, the galaxies and the size of the Universe...

By registration only: maximum 16 people per slot.
In the afternoon with five one-hour slots between 2pm and 8pm.
Charge: 4€ per person or 8€ for a family of several people.

Compulsory registration at the Environment centre.

Our eco-friendly commitments:

Raising public awareness and involving the public in environmental conservation: here our solar system and its planets.


Full price: 4 € (or 8€ for one family - one payment).

To subscribe to this animation, thank you to give us the following informations : - Selected date - Name - Surname - Phone number of the referent person - Name - Surname - Age of participant(s)

Opening periods

Tuesday 20 December 2022.
5 one-hour slots: 2pm-3pm / 3pm-4pm / 4pm-5pm / 5pm-6pm / 7pm-8pm.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets refused