Forest baths with Céline Chassigneu

Sport activity : Well-being

Discover the “forest baths”: a timeless experience that is both regenerating, relaxing and revitalizing, to improve your well-being in contact with the trees. Immersion in the forests around Grenoble.

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Sylvotherapy is a holistic therapeutic approach to reaping the health benefits of the forest. Developed in Japan in the 1980s by Dr. Qing LI, numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of forest bathing on our overall health:

Strengthened immune system
Reduced stress and anxiety
Reduced depression and relapses
Inner calm

Prolonged exposure to the forest for more than two and a half hours reduces blood pressure, cortisol and adrenalin levels (stress hormones).
You'll discover that the Forest is a medicine that soothes our turbulence and painful emotions. It encourages us to develop our creativity and intuition.



Opening periods

All year round, daily.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets refused