On 27 December 2023

Discovery of glaciology 

Event activity : Conference
family From 7 years

Ice workshop at the Heritage and Environment centre. support of the group by the teacher.
Melt and filter the snow to observe under the microscope what it contains: sand, micro-plastics, micro-organisms...

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To begin this workshop, we will all go together to collect snow in the immediate vicinity of the Maison de la Nature et de l'Environnement.
Then, the participants will slip into the shoes of glaciologists and will methodically break into pieces fake ice cores made by our team beforehand.
These, in different internal layers, contain pieces of plants, colored sand and even small 3D printed bacteria.

Depending on what they find at this or that level of the cores, they will come up with different hypotheses. The objective is to make them discover that very old snow and ice can inform us about the past climate but that global warming could also release old micro-organisms.

In partnership with Nemeton, the Grenoble biolab.

Compulsory registration at the Environment centre.

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Full price: 4 €, Reduced price: 8€ for 3 people from same family.

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Opening periods

Wednesday 27 December 2023 between 4 pm and 5.30 pm.

Equipments and characteristics

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  • Mountain location

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