A city at heart

A city at heart – stroll the paved streets

A Grenoblois wearing fleece and hiking shoes – is it so much of a cliché? Perhaps, as Grenoble embodies a dynamic, sporting spirit – but beyond this image, Grenoble’s antique heart lies within the paved streets in the historical pedestrian area. Look up, stroll the tiny streets and be aware of the city’s murmurs.


Grenoble’s historical heart is right here, nested in the ancient buildings and streets – pace it, explore it. Let yourself fall under the spell of brilliant centuries – you’ll be told about the ancient times when Notre Dame was built, till later in history – 19th century witnessed the edification of Le Progrès building.

parlement_ancien_palais_©Service Photo-Ville de Grenoble.JPG
Musée Ancien eveche soirée

Grenoble’s heart beat - visitors’ hearts will beat along while exploring every detail of the Ancient Parliament Palace on Place Saint André, or when breathing fresh air and mist on Place Grenette fountains. Enjoy Grenoble’s sunny heart on Place Sainte Claire during mornings’ markets, and warm up for a cosy moment in visiting Christmas Market on Places Victor Hugo and Grenette.

Get some fresh air in Grenoble’s heart – sit and rest under the old plane trees in Jardin de Ville, a few steps away from Stendhal’s home apartment. Jardin de Ville is surrounded by muted tones facades, dolce vita is in the air at restaurants and cafes terraces located on neighbouring Place de Gordes – a great place to stop by during long summer nights, with evening festivals and events going on.

Jardin ville vue aérienne

Grab a bike and ride bicycle lanes through the city to greet friends in Saint Laurent neighbourhood, on the Isère banks. Last but not least, Grenoble’s city heart nests many fabulous museums, testimonies of a cherished past to share with todays’ visitors.
The city has an open heart – make it yours !


Lot of museums to discover Grenoble all year long !


> The Grenoble Museum of Art
How about a rendez-vous with Matisse, Picasso, or Soulages? The Grenoble Museum of Art, one of France’s fi nest modern art museums, houses treasures dating from Ancient Egypt to contemporary times.
5 place de Lavalette
Tel. 04 76 63 44 44


> The old Bishop's Palace Museum
The museum housed in the old bishop’s palace contains important relics of the city’s religious history in its underground area, notably the baptistery from the earliest Christian times. The above-ground fl oors invite visitors—touchscreen tablet in hand--to discover the history and civilization of the area.
2 rue Très-Cloître
Tel. 04 76 03 15 25

> The Stendhal Museum
This museum includes several sites--the apartment where Stendhal was born, the Gagnon apartment (that of Stendhal’s grandfather), and the collection preserved at the Bibliothèque d’études library—to give the public the opportunity to learn more about the literary works of this prolifi c Romantic author. A historic visit through the old center allows visitors to follow in the footsteps of the author of The Life of Henri Brulard, an autobiographic novel that takes place in 19th century Grenoble.
20, Grand Rue
Tel. 04 76 86 52 08


Musée Ancien eveche