Eco districts

Eco districts

How about the eco districts? This new word was tailor-made for Grenoble, underlining the city’s innovative spirit.


Beyond a seasonal fashion, Grenoble rushed like many other European cities into the green building trend – and made it ! De Bonne Eco district was the first to be launched in Grenoble : this combination of renovated and freshly built housing also blends shopping malls and green patches. This Premiere was awarded a National Eco Districts Prize in 2009.
Here is the story : once upon a time, old military barracks were looking for a useful second life. The city of Grenoble stirred an eco-magic wand over the district – et voilà !

Parc Jeux enfants caserne de Bonne
Caserne de Bonne quartier ecologique

2008 saw the blooming of this brand new concept – the de Bonne eco District was brought to life: a smart, yet elegant mix of old’n’new housing spaces, with a strong focus on social diversity which meets the strict requirements of green building principles. These low energy constructions include sustainable materials, reduced impact on environment at all stages of construction, designed to naturally fit the urban area with adapted green patches, plus social sustainability and comfort for occupants.
De Bonne Eco district is more than just a success on paper: it is a full and actual part of the city, a proper living space with a twist of nature – dragonflies around the ponds, gentle wind carrying children’s laughter as they invade Jardin des Vallons playground. You may also hear conversations at restaurants terraces neighbouring the shopping mall nearby, or walk by bikes parked close to the barracks’ old walls. Look up: above brand new rooftops- mountain tops, always.


Grenoble will not stop innovation: on the way to a greener living, pay a visit to Canopea, a prototype of individual housing with shared operations and maintenance optimization. This facility can be visited in the heart of Presqu’Ile Scientifique and in the middle of GIANT renovation project.
Could Grenoble be a lab for tomorrow’s housing and green building? Given the enthusiastic support of public and private partners of this project, proud to endorse Grenoble’s everlasting innovative spirit – we are bound to say ‘yes’.

Practical information


De Bonne Eco district
Access : tramway C / Gustave Rivet or Foch Ferrié.


In front of the MINATEC campus stands a prototype for the house of tomorrow called Canopea. This hometower will represent the neighbourhood of the future, uniting scientific expertise and sustainable urban development. It's also the place to learn more about the Presqu'île project, thanks to presentations by the Grenoble Tourist Office.
Avenue Felix Esclangon
Tramway B / Cité Internationale
Tel. 06 88 07 36 45
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