Del 26 Diciembre 2023 al 8 Abril 2024

Carrera de Draisienne sobre nieve 1750

Event activity : Concursos
family de 2 años to 6 años

Balance bike race on snow, a fun and playful activity accessible to the youngest from 2 years old to about 6 years old, for family fun.

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Try to become the first draisienne champion on snow in Chamrousse.
Race by age category

The draisienne is a small children's bicycle without pedals, with two wheels in line that you push forward with your feet.

Duration 1h



Periodo de apertura

Del 08/01 al 12/02/2024, todos los lunes a 16.

Domingo, 18 de febrero de 2024 a 16.

Del 26/02 al 08/04/2024, todos los lunes a 16.

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