Revitalising walks

Sport activity : Sport zu Fuß, Fußwanderung

A well-being break in various forests and protected areas of Pays du Lac d'Aiguebelette and our region. A smoothly guided reconnection to nature, to appease and revitalise yourselves while reconnecting with your own nature!

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Conscious walk, sylvic breathing, sensory awakening, connection to trees and nature, meditation and other surprises...

Day walks:
The sweet energy of Nature - Mont Tournier Pass
Sylvotherapy - Vallin Forest
Enchanted forest bath - Corsuet Forest
Water, Source of Life - Chartreuse

Half day walks (for the whole family):
The forest, my place of freedom - Crusille Pass
At the heart of the trees - Aiguebelette Forest
What the chesnut tree told me - Mont Velanne
The secret life of the forest - Aiguebelette Forest (winter)
On the wolf's tracks - Nances Forest

Registration in advance by email or by phone (+33 6 42 18 24 38).
All year outings, if enough participants and if the weather is fine.
Programming and details: check the walks section on
Dates on demand for groups of 5 to 12 people with reduced price.

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Check on the 2023's program.


Ganzjährig, täglich.

Nur bei günstigen Wetterbedingungen. Auf Anfrage.

Ausrüstung und Eigenschaften

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