Vom 23 Dezember 2023 bis 31 März 2024

Le Collet Ski resort - information and rates

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Le Collet is a ski resort situated in Belledonne Mountain range. It offers a beautiful view of the mountains around (les Bauges, Chartreuse, Vercors). You will find a nice and family-friendly area for skiing, 3 snowshoe trails and - last but not least - one of the biggest night skiing area in Europe !

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With 35 km of slopes you will enjoy three different areas.
At 1450 meters, Les Tufs is the best place for beginners with a short ski lift and a little "magic carpet" first steps before being brave enough to take the chairlif.
In Prérond, 1540 meters altitude, you will find a peaceful and quiet place surrounded by pine trees.
Le Super Collet, area going from1640 meters high to 2100 meters high, highest point of the ski resort is really adapted to families coming for a day skiing.

Discover the Tetras Delire Park, a slope especially fun for families and kids !

Avoid the stressful moment of driving on snow during your stay in Le Collet, free buses can take you from the area of Le Collet -1450 m- to Le Super collet - 1650 m - (only during weekends and French vacations


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Erwachsender 4 Stunden: 23 €
Erwachsene Tageskarte: 27 €
Erwachsene 6 Tage: 143,50 €
Erwachsene Saisonkarte: 499 €
Kind 4 Stunden: 18 €
Kinder Tageskarte: 20,50 €
Kinder 6 Tage: 109 €
Kinder Saisonkarte: 264 €
Junior 4 Stunden: 20,50 €
Jugendliche ganzer Tag: 23 €
Jugendliche 6 Tage: 126,50 €
Junior-Saison: 297,50 €
Student halber Tag: 20,50 €
Student Tageskarte: 23 €
Student 6 Tage: 126,50 €
Senior 4 Stunden: 20,50 €
Senior Tageskarte: 23 €
Abfahrtslauf Senior 6 Tage: 126,50 €
Senior Saisonkarte: 297,50 €.

Kostenlos für Kinder unter 6 Jahren.


Vom 23/12/2023 bis 31/03/2024.

Unter Vorbehalt günstiger Wetter- und Schneeverhältnisse.

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From Grenoble (51 km) take freeway A41 toward Chambéry then exit on number 23, flollow the direction of Allevard, then take D109 to Le Collet d'Allevard.

From Chambéry (52 km) Take freeway A 41 toward Grenoble then exit on exit 23, follow the direction of Allevard, then take D109 to Le Collet d'Allevard.

  • Breite: 45.393297
  • Länge: 6.107412


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