Champs Elysées's Park

Cultural heritage : Park und Garten

Very nice park located in front of the Lesdiguières stadium. This park is the ideal place to spend a nice day close to downtown, with its central basin, its playing areas for children, its little train and its health training course.

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Located on the Seigneur de Montrigaud's former lands, who happened to be a relative of the Marquis de Sassenage and of the Alleman d'Uriage's families, these percels ran along the Drac by the XVIIIth century. This park spreads over many hectares, and the creation and building of its immense alleys are attributed to the Comte de Médavy, the Dauphiné's governor.
Nowadays, a peculiarly large basin adorns the park and a playing area for children is available for their best enjoyment. A tour on the little train waits for you to enable you to discover and admire the flore of the spot, and a health training course of 1,5 km with 23 exercises and large lawns to play or have a picnic are also yours.

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  • Zugänglich mit Rollstuhl ohne Hilfe


  • In der Stadt
  • In Nähe einer Bushaltestelle

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