La Dame aux Fleurs

Spezialität: Cuisine traditionnelle française

The small size of the restaurant allows to offer traditional cuisine with cooking at the time. Installed since 1998, sustainability is ensured by the quality of the service offered as well as by the freshness and preparation of the products.

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The restaurant is located in an old 18th century farm, the dining room is intimate in an authentic setting. The building consists of two floors and a veranda open to nature.

Private enclosed parking is available.

In addition, a variety of artists exhibit their works on the walls of the restaurant.

Nos engagements éco-responsables

La Dame aux Fleurs vous propose des plats cuisinés aux produits frais ainsi qu'une épicerie de producteurs locaux et d’ailleurs.


Nach der Karte: ab 18 €
Erwachsenenmenü: von 40 bis 60 €.

Von 40 €


Vom 01/01 bis 31/12.
Montag geschlossen.

Ausrüstung und Eigenschaften

  • Abgelehnte Tiere
  • Plats à emporter/Plats cuisinés
  • Kapazität: 58 personen