Montée Chalemont

Natural heritage : Aussichtspunkt

This easy-to-reach belvedere can be accessed from the Lion fountain, on Isere banks in Saint Laurent neighbourhood. You will meet joggers climbing up the Bastille hill. Pebble paved path takes you up to Sainte Marie Convent – today Musée Dauphinois. A refreshing walk during summer days, a poetic wandering during winter season – the quiet Montée Chalemont is Grenoble’s well kept secret belvedere.

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Quiet – is what strikes first while walking up to Bastille. Over the heads, the Bastille cable car silently slides upwards. Let’s pause on halfway – you are already overlooking the cafés and terraces, red tiled mix and matched rooftops in Saint Laurent. Listen to the city’s whispers – and Isère river groans. A few steps up – you are looking far away, beyond Grenoble and its surroundings, where hills slightly turn into mountains. Grenoble’s symbols proudly stand up: Perret Tower in the middle of a green patch, the Three Towers, Saint André spire or Notre Dame bell tower. Is that a hint of a smile? Surely, you are happy with this new scenery.


Nicht ausgefüllt.



Nur bei günstigen Wetterbedingungen.

Ausrüstung und Eigenschaften

  • Haustiere erlaubt


  • In den Bergen

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