Ski Joëring

Sport activity : Ski, Skijöring

Come and discover ski-jöering behind a horse. It's a great opportunity to rediscover nature in winter to the rhythm of the horses. It is also a way to introduce non-riders to the pleasures of the horse.

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A horse, skis, these are the components of the Joëring ski (skier towed by a horse).
No need to be an experienced skier, you just need to know how to hold your skis parallel to experience unforgettable sensations in an exceptional environment.

Réservation obligatoire à l'avance
Seul à partir de 10 ans, sinon accompagné.
Niveau 1ère étoile conseillé


  • Bar
  • Scheck

Initiation session: 30 € per session
jaunt session: 40 € per jaunt.


Ausrüstung und Eigenschaften

  • Abgelehnte Tiere


Centre équestre

  • Breite: 45.102623
  • Länge: 6.071089


  • Am Fuße der Pisten
  • Skiort

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