Mushing in the Haut Bréda valley and in Le Pleynet

Sport activity : Wintersport, Hundeschlitten, Verschiedene Sportarten, Trottinett Dogscooter

You'll have the experience of working closely with the sled dogs as you drive your team along a trail through the countryside. Each of you will drive a team on your own.

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When you first try to run the sled pulled by the dogs, you will love being in their contact and creating a true complicity to motivate them through their effort. You will first be told how to run the sled then after preparing the dogs, you will go with your guide for a tour throughout the valley crossing the pine-tree forests. You will be in charge of your own sled, just as you would if you were a trapper. Winter or Summer, the activity is possible as when the snow melts, the sled skis become wheels for your new adventure.

Be sure to sportswear clothes and be aware that your clothes can get dirty. Good shoes are required. During Winter Winter clothes are necessary including gloves and sun glasses.


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Vom 01/04 bis 14/12/2023
Erwachsene: von 35 bis 60 €
Kinder : von 30 bis 50 €.

Vom 15/12/2023 bis 31/03/2024
Erwachsene: von 60 bis 95 €
Jugendliche (14-16 Jahren): von 55 bis 85 €
Kinder : von 50 bis 75 €.

Tarif Kinder von 0 - 13 Jahren.

Reservation required by phone or email. 30% down-paiement is necessary to make a reservation.


Ganzjährig, täglich (außer 25. Dezember).

Nur bei günstigen Wetterbedingungen.

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