Loop of the Arselle plateau running trail

Equipment : Sports pédestres, Itinéraire de Trail

Green level running trail around Arselle plateau.
Departure: Arselle plateau in Chamrousse 1600.

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Easy running trail. Estimated running time based on an average speed of 7km/h.

⚠ Warning: the Arselle plateau is a protected area (peat bog classified as an APPB - Arrêtés Préfectoraux de Protection Biotope), so there are a few rules to respect to help protect it. Fire, wild camping, bivouac, picking and dumping of waste are strictly forbidden. Please stay on the path around it, it is forbidden to go on the plateau in order to preserve the fragile environment.


Freier Zugang.


Vom 15/06 bis 30/09.

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