The Isle Tower

Cultural heritage : Site et monument historiques
Patrimoine historique, Tour

Built in 1418, it served as a hotel, than as an arsenal.

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The Island Tower, which is today integrated into the Museum of Grenoble, stands 30 meters height and includes a machicolation. Construction on the tower began in 1381 and was completed around 1418. The town consuls chose it to host their council meetings and it became the first city hall of Grenoble. The city aElle accueille régulièrement des expositions temporaires.rchives were stored on the upper floor. With the arrival of Lesdiguières, the tower was transformed into an arsenal. The consuls thus had to move elsewhere. From 1187 to 1954, it served as a military dovecote, where more than 300 birds were housed.


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Tramway B, arrêt Notre-Dame musée

  • Breite: 45.195111
  • Länge: 5.731393


  • En ville
  • Centre ville
  • Arrêt de transport en commun à moins de 500 m
  • Arrêt de bus à moins de 500 m


La Tour de l'Isle accueille régulièrement des expositions temporaires.