Balade sensorielle en nature grenobloise - Maya accompagnement énergétique

Sport activity : Bienestar

Mayä - Emilie Baronnat, energetician, supports you in knowing yourself and managing your emotions

Mégane David, naturopath and well-being masseuse, supports you in kindness towards yourself and the nature

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With Mégane, you will discover the local flora, learning to recognize medicinal plants and their use for family herbal medicine. You will increase your knowledge of flora and care.

With Emilie, you will take the time to reconnect with nature and its energy, during a guided hypnotic story, where your 5 senses will be stimulated by plants. You will find calm, relief and energy.

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Adulto: 50 €
Adolescente: 35 €.

Periodo de apertura

Del 01/01 al 31/12, todos los dias.

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