Le Saint Eynard

Natural heritage : Crêt, Point de vue

Accesible en coche en verano desde el Sappey en Chartreuse, el mirador ofrece una vista panorámica sobre el valle del Isère y sobre las cordilleras colidentes, gracias a su terraza que domina el acantilado.

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Corenc, Montbonnot and Meylan will look so small, curled up at Chartreuse feet. Where you stand, forget about Vercors, too far away from eyesight. Enjoy fresh air at any season, then make a pause at the fort’s restaurant. Before you leave, take some time to discover the history and legacy of this military site. Now you can share this beautiful viewpoint with a whole community of men – whether architects, soldiers, hikers– who came before you.



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Del 01/01 al 31/12.

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