Del 6 Julio al 31 Agosto 2024

Railtrack Toboggan

Equipment : Deportes de invierno, Otros deportes, Zona lúdica, Pista de trineo cuatro estaciones
family A partir de años

Go straight up the 300 meter slope and woosh down 760 meter with hair-raising twists and turns, catch your breath levels, raised passageways; travel through woodlands and clearing.

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Hop on the sledge, on your own or with a partner and hurtle down the slopes regardless of weather conditions, as the presence of snow is not necessary !

Thrills guaranteed !
You can enjoy the Col de Rousset railtrackt oboggan in many ways:
-SOLO : one adult or a tall child of 8 and over (a minimum height of 1 m 30 is required, there are measuring facilities at the resort)
-DUO : an adult and a child from the age of 4 (or 105cm)

You can hire the toboggan for your own exclusive use! Out of opening hours and by booking. For more information and a quote call 04 75 79 82 10
Bring a souvenir photo of your ride for 2,50€


Adulto: a partir de 6,50 €.

Periodo de apertura

Del 06/07 al 31/08/2024 de 10 a 17:30.

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