Museo de las Ciencias médicas de Grenoble

Cultural heritage : Museo 7,6/10 Bon
Ciencias y técnicas, Salud, Ciencias humanas

Dedicado a la conservación y la valorización del patrimonio hospitalario, este espacio propone una mirada sobre la historia de la salud.

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The preservantion of the hospital's heritage, undertaken by many hospital workers long before the creation of the association, is a field in which the CHU of Grenoble invests itself fully, thus opening its doors in partly to the cultural sphere. A building filled with history was made available to the Grenoble Museum of Medical Science at the northern hospital--the old chapel of Tuberculosis victims, also called the Chapel of the Asylum for the Aged, named for the ensemble of pavillons in which it is located. Today, the geographic situation and the theme of the museum make it an unusual site at the heart of the hospital where ideas can come together and debates can take place. One of the hospital's objectives and one of the museum's missions is to showcase the hospitals rich collection, but also to change mentalities and do away with preconceived notions, making the hospital a place just like any other. Basically, it's all about showing what the hospital once was, what it is today, at the same time much like other hospitals and specific thanks to its location in Grenoble.


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Periodo de apertura

Del 09/01 al 30/09, todos los martes de 12:30 a 17.

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