Exo 38 : Lac des Martelles

Equipment : Deportes acuáticos, Teleski náutico

The artificial lake of 13ha offers a nautical button lift (with an economic and ecologic pulling) with a wakepark (diverse springboards and slide’s bars).

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Pulled by a cable, one can practice the nautical ski, the kneeboard (down on your knees on a board), the wake board (like a snowboard but stand up, attached foot) or else the wake skate (like a skateboard, stand up with free foot)…
Finally to fully enjoy your moment, you can have a meal, to cool off or to tan on our sunbaths.


Adulto: 25 €
Niño: 22 €
Adolescente: 22 €.

Tarifa grupo a partir de 8 personas.

Periodo de apertura

Del 09/04 al 30/04.
Cerrado lunes y martes.

Del 01/05 al 31/05, todos los dias.

Del 01/06 al 31/07, todos los dias.

Del 01/08 al 04/09, todos los dias.

Del 05/09 al 30/09/2022.
Cerrado los martes.

Del 01/10 al 16/10.
Cerrado lunes, martes y viernes.

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