La Torre Perret

Cultural heritage : Site et monument historique
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El único vestigio restante de la exposición internacional de La Houille Blanche y del turismo organizada en el Parque Paul Mistral en 1925.
Este emblemático edificio de la ciudad de Grenoble está siendo renovado actualmente.

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The Perret Tower was the highest reinforced concrete construction in Europe (86 meters high - 95 meters to the end of its point). It was built by the architect, engineer and contractor Auguste Perret, to serve as an orientation tower for the 1925 International Exhibition.
A fast lift (1.15m/second) took the public to a circular terrace with an orientation table, which could welcome up to 100 people at 60 meters above the ground.

A spiral staircase also provides access, along a wall, to this terrace.
The supporting structure made of eight pillars give the tower a strong sense of momentum.
The stability of the pillars is ensured by a system of ring lines circling the trunk at regular intervals.
The Perret tower has suffered the ravages of time and requires major restoration work. Indeed, it has not been accessible since the 1960s
Its night lighting is very successful and highlights its architecture.
Building inscribed in 1975 and listed in 1998.


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