Vom 13 Februar bis 5 März 2024

Environment entertainment "storytelling of the past"

Event activity : Konferenz/Vortrag

"Storytelling of the past" animation to the Environment and Heritage House of Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin.

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Stories from yesterday and today, from our country or from faraway places, young and old, come and share an hour of storytelling by Audrey.

Animation on registration only. 20 people maximum. Current health regulations - remember to take your mask.

Compulsory registration at the Environment centre at least the day before: by email to "a.talbot@chamrousse.com" or by telephone on +33 4 76 89 96 05 or on the spot.
Reservations are confirmed by return email or by a call back following a message on the answerphone or on site at our opening hours.

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To subscribe to this animation, thank you to give us the following informations : - Selected date - Name - Surname - Phone number of the referent person - Name - Surname - Age of participant(s)


Vom 13/02 bis 05/03/2024, jeden Dienstag von 16.30 Uhr bis 17.30 Uhr.
Nur mit Anmeldung beim Umwelthaus bis spätestens am Vortag.

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