Jardin de Ville

Cultural heritage : Park und Garten

The perfect place for a picnic party ! Nearby to the pedestrian streets, the Jardin de Ville has kept its original large wooden space and its flower garden, in which we can admire a great number of roses nowadays.

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The Duke of Lesdiguières had the Garden built next to his private hotel, which houses nowadays the House of International. The place has conquered the heart of the inhabitants of Grenoble since its public opening in 1719. Slightly separated from downtown's animation, the Jardin de Ville is also a playing area for children. Several events happen there : Cabaret Frappé festival, concerts...


Eintritt frei.


Ganzjährig, täglich.

Ausrüstung und Eigenschaften

  • Haustiere erlaubt
  • Zugänglich mit Rollstuhl ohne Hilfe


Tramway A et B, arrêt Hubert Dubedout / Maison du Tourisme

  • Breite: 45.191714
  • Länge: 5.727081


  • In Nähe einer Bushaltestelle
  • Straßenbahnhaltestelle in weniger als 500 m

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