Vom 3 Dezember 2022 bis 16 April 2023


Equipment : Ski, Snowpark

Discover our Snowpark zones! Strong sensations guaranteed!

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- Les Jeux aerial ropeway, DMC 1 from Alpe d’Huez – DMC 1800 sector
- Romains chairlift from Alpe d’Huez - Bergers sector

“Initiation” snowpark:
This snowpark is ideal for beginner and intermediary levels, comprising two slopestyle lines, each with 2-3 tables (jumps) and 4-5 easy boxes.
Level : Green XS/Blue S

“Expert” snowpark:
Comprising two slopestyle lines, offering a dedicated area for experts to practise their sport. 3-4 tables and 8-10 technical rails.
Level: Black L / XL
And don’t forget the “Cool Zone” at the bottom of the snowparks: an ideal place to chill out and listen to some music.


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Vom 03/12/2022 bis 16/04/2023.

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