Parc Paul Mistral

Cultural heritage : Park und Garten

Created in 1925, the Paul Mistral Park is laid out like a landscape garden and is Grenoble’s largest with 33 hectares.

The park features many old, majestic trees, water basins, and areas for playing sports or just relaxing.

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Created in 1925, the Paul Mistral Park was designed in a landcape style. There stands the Perret Tower, only relic of the universal exhibition of white coal and tourism, which also took place in 1925. Sculptures of Apostu, of Guasagnucci and of Rousil, erected for the 1967's Symposium can be seen there, and a thick wood covers the southern and eldest part of the parK.
We can also discover there a pond and a little river. The Paul Mistral park is the larger of the city, and has spread over 33 hectares since the building of the Alpes Stadium in 2010.
Games for children ans a little train create animation in this very popular park. During summer, the city focuses on it, planning there several creative, playful and aquatic activities accessible to everyone: "A summer at the park". All over the year, festivals and concerts can be heard in the park's alleys.

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Tramway A et C, arrêt Chavant

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