Parc Naturel Régional de la Chartreuse

Territory activity

The Chartreuse mountain chain became a REGIONAL NATURE PARK in 1995. This status recognizes the area's high quality natural and cultural heritage.

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The park is a mosaic of landscapes in which open pastures, mountain forests, and long cliffs define the land. The nature reserve hosts fauna and flora that include a wealth of different species, including the very rare Tengmalm owl.
The park encourages the development of economic activities that respect the environment and preserve traditional and agricultural know how.
You can discover the park on foot or by car, taking a journey into the park's natural and cultural richness and diversity.
The park area is partly in Isère department and partly in Savoie. Grenoble and Chambery are the two main towns located in the park surroundings
Park figures
69 000 hectares
altitude 2082 m


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