Meditative walk

Sport activity : Puesta en forma, Deportes pedestres, Marcha pedestre

Full conscience walk.

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This walk is not meant to lead somewhere but to find yourself.
Let's concentrate on what we are here and now.

The course of the session:
In order to walk with awareness of our senses and sensations, we will gently set our body in motion. We will be attentive to our steps, to the rhythm of our breathing, to the nature that is blossoming around us. Then, we will practice a gentle relaxation to fully savour our current state. The 3-hour walk will not present any difficulty in terms of distance or altitude.

Please, anticipate to bring a gourd, a snack, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and a sweatshirt.

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Métodos de pago
  • Metálico
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Tarifa única: 30 €.

On reservation.

Periodo de apertura

A reserva de buen tiempo.

Instalaciones y características

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  • En montaña
  • Al pie de las pistas
  • Estación de esquí
  • Centro estación

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