Escape Game Robin de la Chartreuse

Equipment : Recreational activities, Escape Game

Your mission in this outdoor Escape Game? Follow in the footsteps of Robin de la Chartreuse to find his treasure! Will you be able to follow the clues and foil the traps set by Robin and his acolytes to protect the treasure?

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You've all heard of Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest!
But have you heard of Robin of the Chartreuse and his cohorts? They roamed the region decades ago and amassed a large treasure to help the poor.
However, this stash of gold remained hidden in their refuge as they ended their days in the gaols of Fort Saint-Eynard.
Chartreuse Aventure discovered a letter indicating the trail they left behind, so that one day someone might find the gold reserve and continue their mission.

Just 30 minutes from Grenoble, this forest acrobatic park now offers an outdoor Escape Game, in addition to its 15 climbing courses and Battlefield area.

Designed by Au fil du dédale and Gergo Kovacs

Between 2 and 6 players


Means of payment
  • Cash
  • Bank/credit card
  • Travellers Cheque
  • Credit transfer
  • Check
  • Youth chequebook

Adult: 24 €.

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Opening periods

From 18/05 to 30/10.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets allowed

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