Grenoble, the mountains and the trail

Trail running, a major activity in Grenoble!

The Trail, running, climbing, go beyond the limits and get amazed... Are you tempted? Grenoble is today a model in terms of trail running and discipline training, which has become the guilty pleasure.


From the Bastille and Mont Jalla’s paths, true playground for the Grenoblois during their lunch break to the summits close to the metropolis, Grenoble and its surroundings are THE ideal place for a sensational, colorful trail experience!

As a bonus, some overviews on ever-lasting snow.


So do not wait any longer and put on your best running outfit, a good pair of sneakers and leave without further delay to discover the paths of the metropolis but also of the Chartreuse, the Vercors and the Belledonne mountain chains. You can climb the most beautiful landscapes of the Grenoble summits. Summer and winter, a multitude of trails are organized so that everyone can challenge the foothills of Grenoble and its surroundings.