Sport Session in Grenoble

Grenoble on sport mode

Summer season is coming! Grenoble is at the heart of a mountain environment. Get your snickers on and let’s start a sport session during the day to exert yourself, going from the inner city to the nature.


pente de la bastille coureurs ciel bleu ville

Run on the Bastille’s slopes

Admire the sun rising up on mountains in the sky, an exceptional moment!

The Bastille’s slopes become the place to do running in Grenoble. Between paths and stone stairs, this rise is the perfect way for runners to start the day on.

At the arrival: the sun going up beside the Belledonne mountain range. What a beautiful award! It’s giving you the mood of the day to come: sport and intensity. 


A unique moment to contemplate the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains from the geologists’ terrace. On the left, one can even perceive the “Mont Blanc”.

Get your breath back and after a good draught of fresh water from the fountain at the cable car top station. Get down thanks to one of the numerous paths going down the Bastille.

The sportiest can continue this ascent in the direction of the more untamed Mont Jalla.

And for those who prefer hiking, the Bastille’s slopes are also a great starting point for hiking’s in the Chartreuse. This mountain range is an exceptional and preserved natural space, at the heart of which one can relate to nature.

To go further, have a walk in the Paul Mistral Park . This park of 30 hectares is located in the city center with paths, fitness units… Every summer, cultural and sport activities are organized right there. Pushchairs are also part of the training.

Bonus: The old speed ring built for the Olympic Games of 1968, offers a flat track, perfect to do roller skating.

Time to have a break after emotions and efforts!

For a brunch, an appetizer or for lunch, the district of St Laurent offers multiple bars and restaurants. This lovely neighborhood is the cuddle of the city since IIIrd century. Its Italian style of architecture is due to emigrants from Puglia.

The atmosphere is very friendly to have a relaxing time. On Sunday, quays are closed to cars but it becomes bicycle paths, or it is used to skate, for softer transportations!

Quai Grenoble Isere téléphérique


Getting across Grenoble through bikes!

Wander with bikes during the afternoon, between sport and tour, in the city or on the country side’s roads.

Let’s have a tour in Grenoble, the flattest city of France. No more excuses to not let yourself be tempted by.

We have tested for you Grenoble with Metrovelo’s bike


Get yourself in a Métrovélo yellow bike and admire landscapes and monuments passing through your eyes.

Wander with bikes during the afternoon, between sport and tour, in the city or on the country side’s roads. Discover a castle, a cave, a museum ... following your own tempo and wishes.

A few suggestions : Château de Sassenage, Domaine de Vizille, Cuves de Sassenage

En Métrovélo parc Paul Mistral
Domaine de Vizille © V'images
Le temps d'une pause place Saint-André


To finish off the day, try out games and make your brain work out!

Grenoble is the city offering the largest number of Escape game in France. 10 spaces dedicated to escape games, which is quite unusual. It will, for sure, seduce you! Locked in a room with specific themes, you need to search in diverse places and solve enigmas in order to get out within 60 minutes.

Will you get out on time?



And why don’t you try out a sportier team game? Run, getting hidden, shooting without being seen and laugh a lot! The Laser game is waiting for you with friends.

Now, this is time to wander and enjoy a lovely evening in the city center: coffee’s terraces, bars and restaurants, they all propose a well deserve appetizer and dinner


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