Bastille fort

La Bastille, a mountain in the heart… of the city

Guess: what is Grenoble’s largest, and locals’ favourite playground? La Bastille, of course! Let us guide you up there: you may either hike to the top, or quietly ride with the cable car.

Should you run into hikers while strolling in the heart of city, don’t be surprised: they are neither lost nor nuts, simply heading to La Bastille for a hike. Same if you hear clicking carabiners among city rumbles: this gang, next to you, is surely starting the Bastille via ferrata. Let’s go!

Vue depuis la Bastille sur Grenoble et le Vercors

Since 1934, whether you’d reach the top hiking or with the Bubbles, the Bastille has been a must-see: how many cities worldwide can enjoy such a natural playground, a few steps away from the city centre? Take a break and embrace the view from the Geologues terrace, you may explore Grenoble block by block till your sight gets lost- the 180° panorama is simply breathtaking! You may even sometimes enjoy Mont Blanc as a guest star.

But la Bastille is more than a just another nice place to mediate: all year round, this is the perfect recreational area - sports and culture are on the agenda thanks to museums, acrobatic or geological trails, via ferrata. All are at ease among the blockhouses and wild paths environment and everyone enjoys it with flora and fauna, adrenaline, education !

zoom sur le Fort de la Bastille de Grenoble

Last but not least, should you not enjoy any of the above, la Bastille will tease your gourmet spirit. Try restaurant du Téléférique, where the view (and your plate) can be swallowed at once from the overhanging terrace. Treat yourself at Le Pèr’Gras – delicate tastes will rejoice every gourmet. Insider’s tip: book a table close to the window, at night, to enjoy another view of Grenoble with city lights. 

Practical information

Some ideas to discover the Bastille fort...

Levé de soleil sur la Bastille et centre ancien de Grenoble

An urban cable car
Since 1934, a steel cable has connected Grenoble to the summit.

Le Téléphérique de Grenoble


The mounntain troops museum
The history of the mountain soldiers has been written on many fronts, both in France and abroad. The museum immerses visitors in the adventure from the creation of these armed forces in 1888 to the present days.

Museum's information


Bastille Art Center (BAC)
A little pink door leads curious visitors to the vaulted rooms at the core of the fortifications. The BAC takes advantage of the unique environment offered by the fort barracks to showcase contemporary French and international artists.

Bastille Art Center


The "storming of the Bastille » via ferrata
Adrenaline addicts, this one's for you. Just 10 minutes from the city center, the via ferrata climbs up along the rocky buttresses leading to the Bastille ramparts. Two parts of the climb, divided by a footpath, make for 205m of vertical ascent. The second part is more challenging and requires good physical condition. Security equipment required.

Via Ferrata


Airbone acrobatic paths through the moats and fortifications, a caving labyrinth to explore by headlight, a giant zip line and a witch's grotto are just some of the most recent additions to the Bastille. For ages 4 & up.


Highlights !
The mountain Memorial troups : 200 meters above the Bastille, atop the Mount Jalla, stands a memorial to the 1500,000 moutain troups who lost their lives in battle. The site wich easily accessible by a 30-minute walk up a footpath, offers a place to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Hike to the Mont Rachais
A real moutain hike starting right from the city center ? It's posslbe for the whole family by passing through the Jardin des Dauphins park, the Bastille, the Mont Jalla and finally up to the Mont Rachais, at the beginning of the Chartreuse mountains. 800 meters of uphill climb offer hikers sumptuous views of Grenoble and the Alps as well as a chance to observe local plant life

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