Via Ferrata / Rock Climbing

Climbing …

… One of these little pleasure people from Grenoble love! So how about doing the same, head up the rocks with the strength of your wrists. Have a look around from the top of the cliffs and overlook Grenoble.
Harness and karabiners will have no more secrets for you!

Escalade falaise Grenoble

Via ferrata « Storming the Bastille »

Take the « Bastille » ! This via ferrata counts among the few ones that are set in an urban area.

Enthusiastics for sensational experiences and rock-climbing lovers are offered two itineraries : total lenght is 950m (400m on the rocks, and 550m path to return).
The first part is quite steep with an impressive monkey bridge, it gets easier afterwards. The second part is challenging and requires a good physical condition.
In case of tiredness, there are 2 ways out are possible among the course.

Personal equipment mandatory :
- A mountain helmet
- A climbing harness
- A via ferrata lanyard equipped with two karabiners and an energy absorber
- A short quickdraw for resting along the bars in case of fatigue
- A pair of light hiking shoes, a pair of gloves

Rent equipment, find an instructor ?

Climbing around Grenoble

Grenoble, city in the heart of the Alps…. Climbing activities fit perfectly to this adage!
Doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or well trained climber, you will always find awesome spots to practice around the city.
Big walls, free climbing… the choice is up to you !

All the information you need at the Maison de la Montagne (House of the Mountains)



Escalade falaise Grenoble