Cuves de Sassenage caves

Do you dare venture into the shadows and the entrails of the Vercors? Listen to the sound of the water drops and discover the marvellous show that only mountains plus water can offer. The show’s been going on for thousands of years!
It is here, at the foot of the cliffs and just 15 minutes from Grenoble, that the natural Sassenage Cisterns wind their way in the rock. Just outside the city, a pleasant path looks over the Furon torrent and leads to the cave. Inside, you’ll find a surprisingly refreshing green world. Just what you need in summer!

Cuves de Sassenage © L. Ravier OT GAM

When the caves were first opened to visits in 1947, there weren’t more than 200 meters of paths. Today, you can walk for more than 1 kilometer through several galleries that showcase strange rock formations sculpted by the water.

Cuves de Sassenage © L. Ravier OT GAM
Torrent rochers Furon
Le Furon © L.Ravier OT GM

You may even see Mélusine the fairy! Victim of a curse, the water fairy was condemned to shift shapes all the time. Every Saturday, her legs turn into snake tails…

Cuves de Sassenage galerie
Cuves de Sassenage © L. Ravier OT GAM
Cuves de Sassenage - Accrogrotte® © Stéphane Jillet

At the exit, follow the path that leads to the other side of the Furon . You can admire the waterfalls in their lush green setting…and set off for even more adventures.
Put on your wetsuit and take down to the Furon gorges, a prime canyoning site just near Grenoble. Once you get to the bottom, don’t miss a visit to the Sassenage Chateau and its beautiful gardens.
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