The Sassenage Chateau

How would you like to live the royal life, just for a few hours? The Sassenage Chateau, proudly planted at the foot of the Vercors, is a stone’s throw from Grenoble and opens its doors to you.

chambre_roi_Chateau de sassenage ©.jpg
The Sassenage Chateau © Etienne Eymard Duvernay

Immense in size, this vast dwelling dates from 1665 and recalls the reign of Louis XIII. Inside, the memories of the old Marquis Charles Louis de Sassenage continue to live on.

Château de Sassenage buis taillés cones facade entrée cour du chateau
The Sassenage Chateau © Etienne Eymard Duvernay
casseroles cuivre
The Sassenage Chateau - Copper pans © Etienne Eymard Duvernay

A jewel of Dauphinois heritage, the chateau offers an outstanding collection of furniture: Parisian and Dauphinois pieces, late 18th century wall paper, antique woodwork and stucco, as well as paintings and family portraits.

chambre meublée 18eme siecle tableau marquise de beranger fauteuils table bois
Mme de Bérenger's bedroom © Etienne Eymard Duvernay
Chateau de sassenage © exterieur.jpg
The Sassenage Chateau

The Sassenage Chateau is flanked by a magnificent park, re-landscaped in the 19th century. Get lost on its paths and stroll along the Couchant promenade. Majestic tall trees engulf you, offering a solemn serenity in all seasons, and precious refreshment in the summer especially. Classified as remarkable, the Lebanese cedars, Orient plane trees, American walnut trees, red maples and more offer guaranteed romance as the sun sets.
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