Hiking and biking around the city

You are rather pedestrian or cyclist ?

Drive around the urban area on foot or bicycle, it's easy ! 600kms of trails and 320kms of cycle paths await you at Grenoble.

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Hike around the city

How about a nice hike around Grenoble and its metropolis, just like you’d hike around Mont Blanc ? It is easy as pie ! A wide network of hiking trails around Grenoble allow visitors to explore the area with various viewpoints on the metropolis – take your time, enjoy the scenery! We know no better way to appreciate the view, with either Chartreuse, Belledonne or Vercors as background: which one is your favourite ?

Walking trails in Grenoble metropolis
Get away from city rumours and enjoy a nice walk around Grenoble – it’s easy: SIPAVAG is the local office in charge of mapping out all hiking trails in and around Grenoble, a great opportunity for hikers and wannabe explorers to change their perspective on the city and its surroundings. Be sure you have hiking shoes and adequate equipment before you start your journey of exploration in the city centre: entry door to Chartreuse Regional Park is right at the top of Bastille.

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Landscape in Grenoble Metropolis
Beyond green areas and parks located in Grenoble (Jardin de Ville, Parc Paul Mistral), the city’s outskirts have countless parks to stop by – a perfect way to make a pause during a busy day, enjoy a picnic with family, or a nice run with friends. Bois Français, Ile d’Amour, Ovalie or Frange Verte: birch trees and grass make an ideal location for refreshing naps, chats with friends while looking after the children – happily playing around.
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A bike ride through the metro area

Cycling through the metro area is a refreshing idea, however, you will not go alone on biking lanes: many locals are bike addicts, too – all year long.

A network of 300kms of cycling lanes is available in and around the city, for frontrunners or simple commuters who need to rally Grenoble to suburbs, or connect two suburban cities, thus avoiding a ride through the centre of Grenoble. Grenoble and its metropolis naturally recommend green or sustainable transportation: the metropolis council has sponsored for ten years now a successful biking rental service “MetroVelo” – yes, those dashing yellow bikes around town! With spring blossoming, Grenoble Tourist Office guides are also riding the yellow bikes with visitors in town: certainly a fun way to discover Grenoble’s hidden treasures, historical milestones … and biking lanes - all at once!




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On foot or by bicycle, consult the Semitag 's guide



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