Le Saint Eynard

Natural heritage : Crest, Viewpoint

Up on Saint Eynard fort, you are overlooking Grenoble, tightly clang on to the bicentennial stones of the military fort. Defying gravity and vertigo, you are in position to challenge Belledonne summits, face to face. You may feel like a reckless warden of this proud sentinel -watching the city nested down in the valley, with winding Isère river.

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Overlooking Grenoble from the Saint Eynard (1338m), it's like clinging to the two-hundred-year-old stones of this military construction, feet in the air.
It's to defy - without feeling dizzy - the snow-capped peaks of the Belledonne mountains in front of you, to feel invincible, guardian of the proud sentinel dominating the city nestled below, and to follow the Isère river coiled within.
To feel Corenc, Montbonnot and Meylan small, nestling at the foot of the Chartreuse massif. Ignore the Vercors, a little too far away in the landscape.
Finally, in summer and winter alike, soak up the fresh air, stop for a break at the Fort's restaurant, then discover the history of this military heritage, and share a unique viewpoint with the men, soldiers and architects who preceded us here.


Free access.

Opening periods

From 01/01 to 31/12.
Road closed in winter.

Subject to favorable weather.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets allowed


  • Mountain location

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