Parc de l'Ile d'Amour

Cultural heritage : Park and garden

The Île d'Amour Park, between city and countryside, doesn't represent only a great urban parc but also a heaven of nature located at the gates of the city. Very large park perfect for sportspersons.

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There's no need of a car, using the tramway or a bike is enough to reach the park by a nice bicycle path which runs along the Isère, its main advantage being the large open space and the green atmosphere. It is a very agreeable place to have a snack, a picnic or a barbecue. There are few games for children, except some concrete curved structures, to slide and climb. As for the sportspersons, there are a splendid bicross way and some roller and skate layouts, as well as health trainings, perfect for jogging.
Regarding the flore, the vegetal species, bushes species, flowers and trees can be counted by hundreds. The park keeps maintaining in some places the inheritance of the poplar-forest which had been growing there since 25 years. Tree-lovers can also come to greet ashes, mahoganies, walnut-trees, weeping-willows, and also a few specimens of catalpas, quince-trees, plum-trees and apple-trees.

Less romantic visitors have also taken their landmarks at the Île d'Amour, such as American Football players who can practice on a field dedicated to their sport, bicross riders who gather on the shale gas road specially designed with obstacles and cambered curves and finally those who prefer sliding on their boards on the skate-park's layouts.

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Free access.

Opening periods

All year round, daily.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets allowed
  • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs


Public transport, Bus line C1, La Carronnerie stop, Ile d'Amour

  • Latitude: 45.200214
  • longitude: 5.764904


  • In the country

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