Walking orientation course - Bastille "Porte Saint-Laurent

Equipment : Pedestrian sports, Orientation course

Bastille cable car route Grenoble
Print the map and set off on the trails of the Bastille for an orienteering course made up of 7 markers.
Apprentice guidance counselors, it's up to you!

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The objective of the orienteering course is to find one's bearings thanks to the natural and artificial elements (isolated tree, rock, banners, sign ...) to find the markers symbolized by a red circle; the start is symbolized by a red rod. the search order is imposed, however you are free to choose your path to achieve it.
For each beacon found, punch your card using the red clamp embedded in the wooden post.
Throughout your journey, check that the pictograms on your plates correspond to the punches of each beacon.
Always confirm your position by identifying on the map elements that you can observe around you: buildings, roads, groves, signs, crossroads ...
This project was developed in partnership with the "Leisure Environment Sport and Tourism" Master of UFRASTAPS in Grenoble.


Free access.

Opening periods

All year round.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets refused


ACCÈS : Tram ligne B arrêt ' Notre-Dame Musée"

  • Latitude: 45.193001
  • longitude: 5.726103

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