Parcours des Arts - Grenoble

Equipment : Pedestrian sports, Course

The Parcours des Arts - an itinerary linking some 30 artistic and craft creation sites and crossing 4 districts of Grenoble's hypercentre (Antiquaire, Très-Cloîtres, Notre-Dame and Saint-Laurent).

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The Parcours des Arts - Grenoble was created and set up by the Symp'Art association. The association, made up entirely of volunteer members, is dedicated to organizing artistic events to open up, publicize and promote our arts and crafts workshops and galleries.
At the beginning of 2022, to enable everyone to discover the Parcours des Arts in a different way, we will be organizing guided tours, which, while meeting the artists and craftsmen, will make the link between Art and Crafts and the History of Grenoble. These tours will have a specific theme, such as "ceramics", "recycling" and so on.
Once a year, Le Parcours des Arts En Fête will offer other events.

GANT LESDIGUIERES: 5, rue Raoul Blanchard - Glove factory
VITRINE ARTMIXE: 2, rue Raoul Blanchard - Painting, Engraving, Sculpture
ATELIER DESIGN éMOTIF: 4bis, rue Voltaire - Graphic design
Atelier Agnès COLRAT: 16, rue Bayard - Drawing, painting
ATELIER BRIGITTE BAREL: 14, rue Bayard - Design, manufacture of leather bags
Michel Drapier, l'Art et la Raison: 6, rue Bayard - Painting, sculpture
Collberg galerie: 2, rue Dominique Villars - Collage
Atelier-galerie Marie Killy: 4, rue Dominique Villars - Painting, sculpture, engraving, Lilas et Cabochons: 3ter, rue Dominique Villars - Costume jewelry creation
Galerie Le Hang'Art: 5, rue Dominique Villars - Painting, sculpture, drawing
Galerie Hébert: 17, rue Hébert - Gallery
artSème : 8, rue Joseph Chorion - Plastic arts
Galerie REV'OLUTION : 25, rue Servan - Painting, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics
ATELIER CECILEB: 25, rue Servan - Painting
Atelier Boutique Sauve Ton Cuir: 25, rue Servan - Recycled leather goods
Galerie Ex.Nihilo: 8, rue Servan - Photography, plastic arts
Atelier p.i. - Céramique: 42, rue Très-Cloîtres - Utilitarian and decorative ceramics
La Corrala: 9, rue Très-Cloîtres - Ceramics, Jewelry, Textiles, Illustration, Design of emblematic objects
L'Art de la main: 16, rue Très-Cloîtres - Ceramics
ATELIER DU VERRE H2 VERRE: 10, rue du Vieux Temple - Glass sculptor
L'atelier de l'ère de rien: 2, rue Hauquelin - Creations in recycled materials
Sur les Chemins de Terre: 8, rue Chenoise - Ceramics
LE STUDIO SPIRAL: 16, rue Chenoise - Photography
Atelier A: 97, rue Saint Laurent - Sculpture, painting, engraving
ATELIER VIO: 48, rue Saint Laurent - Painting
Le SILO: 4, impasse du Four - Plastic arts, photography, digital arts
CATHERINE VALENTIN: 46, rue Saint Laurent - Textile creations
Alter-Art: 75, rue Saint Laurent - All artistic techniques
L'ATELIER BIS: 63, rue Saint Laurent - Drawing, painting
L'ATELIER DE DESSIN : 8, rue Saint Laurent - Drawing


Free access.

Opening periods

All year round.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets refused

Track characteristics

1 km
Daily duration:
Level green – easy
One way