Parcours - Sur la Route de la Chimie

Equipment : Pedestrian sports, Course, Cultural leisure activities

Follow the guide to retrace the history of the Jarrie and Pont-de-Claix chemical plants!
Jarrie and Pont-de-Claix schoolchildren are the guides, with a lively brochure packed with information!
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Elementary school pupils from the 2 communes spent a whole year working with the Histoires de... association as part of the Centenary of Chemistry. to understand what chemistry is, the history of the small factories of yesteryear that have become major industrial complexes, and their impact on the local communities.
Drawing on all these discoveries, the young people from Jarrie and Pont-de-Claix have produced a document featuring multiple paragraphs illustrated with archive images, current photographs and drawings ("a little history", "factories today", "trades", "life around the factories"...), as well as 2 routes in Jarrie and Pont-de-Claix.
You're invited to take your turn on the chemistry trail with the children's leaflet! Take a stroll through the communes, looking for emblematic places in the history of Jarrie and Pont-de-Claix linked to the chemical plants, and mark out your route by reading short texts packed with information and personal accounts gathered by the children.

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