Sport activity : Ski, Cross-country skiing

A solution adapted to each individual, individual and privileged contact with your instructor to try out a new discipline, gain confidence, progress more quickly or improve your performance (classic or skating).

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P'TIT HIBOU (2-3 years)

Starting level: I've never skied before
Initiation for very young children aged 2-3
For a first contact with skis and snow.

WOODEN HIBOU (4 to 7 years approx.)

Starting level: I've just put on skis 2-3 times.
Snowplough on a gentle slope with a natural stop
Go straight down a gentle slope
Gliding on flat ground

WHITE OWL (ages 4 to 7 approx.)

Starting level: Have the Hibou Bois
Move with simultaneous thrust
Climb stairs and scissors
Snowplough braking

GREEN OWL (from approx. age 7)

Starting level: White Owl
Skating without poles (no skaters)
Go straight downhill
Link snowplough turns

BLEU HIBOU (ages 8 to 10 approx.)

Starting level: Owl
Skate across a slope
Skating on slippery terrain
Go straight down a slope with hollows and bumps
1-step skating

HIBOU VIOLET (ages 10 to approx. 13)

Starting level: Blue Owl
Skating steps on slippery terrain without poles
Make a direct trace with turning steps upstream
Turn in snowplough with parallel ski returns

HIBOU ROUGE (ages 11 to 13 approx.)

Starting level: Hibou Violet
2-stage skating
Link 6 to 7 turns, finishing with parallel skis
Turn step

HIBOU BRONZE: (ages 11 to 13 approx.)

Starting level: Hibou Rouge
Know how to coordinate all skating steps

SILVER OWL: (ages 11 to 13 approx.)

Starting level: Bronze Owl
Efficiency, control and commitment on a ski-cross-type course: perform all the movements in the technical repertoire of skating adapted to the terrain.

GOLDEN OWL (over 13)

Starting level: Hibou Argent.
1-step skating.
Transfer body weight completely from one ski to the other.
Skate a skicross with ease, using all skating techniques.


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One price: 49 €. 0695695008

Opening periods

From 02/12 to 14/04, daily.

Subject to snow conditions. On demand.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets refused