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Sagesse et aventures !
Destinés à tous, les séjours que nous vous proposons sont empreint de sagacité, de mythes et de légendes, ils répondent à quête de sens, d'authenticité et d'aventures singulières en Inde, au Bhoutan, au Népal et au Tibet !

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Umaylam also offers well-being workshops where we can look at ourselves without judgment, understand our own mechanisms, take care of ourselves and create a gentle bubble to recharge our batteries and develop contentment from where we are. Umaylam is also involved in themed trips, because we believe that remaining curious, open and reaching out to others is essential.

These trips are the fruit of a great deal of reflection and enriching encounters that lead us to share with you what moves us, what is closest to our hearts and what seems to us to be a beautiful response to our society and the direction our humanity is taking.
We hope you'll find something to enjoy, marvel at and grow from.

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All year round, daily.

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